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Thank you for visiting our website. BUTIC is a privately owned apartment in the center of Budapest. The name BUTIC stands for Budapest Time Capsule. We are literrally trying to create a time capsule to bring you from 21th century to the time when the building was build and even further back in time by choosing the right furnitures. 

BUTIC is recently renovated to meet the standards of the 21th century while maintaining the historical features of the building such as the parquet flooring, the ceiling rosettes and beautifully decorated wooden frames on the windows and the doors. We have also carefully chosen our furniture's to take you in a journey through time. 

Our apartment is located inside an Eclectic style building which was build in 1909 by a Jewish architect named Mr. Gyula Fodor. This word "Eclectic" means literally collection. So the architect collect the nicest elements of various styles used in the past. Being situated on the third floor, you will be guaranteed continuous supply of natural day light and nice view of the classical building of Semmelweiss hospital across the street and the liberty statue on the Gellert hill.

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